Custom Casket of the Month

Built for the Road

This biker may be going up to heaven, but he’s definitely going down in a blaze of glory! We teamed up with a local artist to create this custom roadster, equipped with custom flames, a black leather interior, chrome hardware, and an embroidered head panel celebrating the departed’s passion for the open highway.

Below are a number of additional custom works on their way out from our workshop. Many of these caskets are painted woods (popular here in New Orleans) while others are metal. Options include any paint color imaginable, dozens of fabric types and colors for the interior, custom embroidery, and countless other ways to personalize!

What kind of casket do YOU want to symbolize your passion??? Do you desire subtle personal touches, or do you want to think “outside of the box,“ and make a unique and special statement? Tell your loved ones! Or better yet, contact your local funeral service provider and pre-arrange your services exactly the way you want! Have them call us and let’s discuss how to make your special requests a reality.